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Your Dream is Here

Our objectives

To serve as walking stick and stepping stone for  the neglected and the hopeless youth and women  in the country to  succeed in creating businesses  for  themselves to end the  extreme menace of  Unemployment in the country  among them to build a beautiful  and  happy society for all, through our capacity building programs and yearly launched unique  projects.

Our vision

To create a classic society of young  and women entrepreneurs to  curb the  menace of  the extreme poverty situation among youth and women in the country for  better  life, good  living and peaceful society for all.

Our values

  1. God fearing                                          5. Perseverance
  2. Self discipline                                       6. Time management
  3. self motivation                                      7. Responsive and Efficiency
  4. Law Abiding                                          8. Investment

Our mission

To think globally, act locally, combining the various strengths and supports of our donors and networked  partners to  “revive and inculcate, the spirit of entrepreneurship and creativity in young folks as well as, women  (both educated and uneducated ) through quality information as light to guide them and as companion to lead them and to better resource them with start up capital in the form of ;1. Tools and  2. Micro-Financing of viable project of individual and group to help them actualize their dreams to become entrepreneurs or achievers; especially, in the areas of Agric , Trade and creativity in general.